Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How I miss My ZONE

its been almost 4 days since I left, and it still sucks!I hate the traffic, i hate the rush, i hate the climate its so "init schucks", food costs is high, i cant eat normal soul food, transportation sucks i have to walk then line up then get aboard the jeep or bus leave this 2 then back to the walking part!MAN!its just blocks away but there are designated routes for each destination and mind me the blocks isnt so a block should I say, as if when Im walking its eternity!sweat is pouring rays of the sun is tingling, Then its a full circle when I go home!DAMN those tunnels i have to go through them even if I want to buy water for my able body I have to surge the buzzling pool of human beings in the tunnel then going back again to that tunnel, next thing I know shit my water is gone (well I drink most of it) for 5 days im gonna fight for this routine but the good thing about it is how i feel, how i feel towards the people i miss, i miss short walks i miss the smiles, i miss you guys, and this things i realize what you mean to me,you complete my everyday life especially you the one i truly miss!i miss the hugs and the shouting when you are pissed off on nothing in particular!i miss you and soon i'll be home!and for my co-employee when i get back i have a job for all of you no but's no donts,im gnna kick your fucking ass!!miss you guys!and piggy pls. wag ka magpainit bka lumutong ka!love lots


aiLee920 said...

we mizzue s'les... hehehe:) yaan mo babantayan ko si ms. grace at baka magpainit... hehehe:)

aiLee920 said...

happy valentine's day!!!